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The Spinners Spun

The demand for new staff at the ODA to fuel the insatiable requirements for distortion, obfuscation and misrepresention of information on an Olympian scale shows no sign of abating, despite the promises of public sector cuts. Some things are just too important.

Job ad for a £44k ODA Marketing Manager whose exciting role includes
" develop and deliver the ODA external and internal marketing communications strategy covering - publications, brand (implementation and protection), events, market research, internal communications (corporate and site worker) and new media." and
"In conjunction with the Head of Marketing develop innovative solutions to communicate construction progress"

Does this mean we can expect to see the sorely missed 'Your Park' propaganda coming through our letterboxes again?

Wasn't marketing the Olympic Games itself the job of LOCOG, not the publicly funded ODA? If someone got the job after falling for this pack of nonsense and is disappointed by the reality, I don't think they deserve much sympathy:

Live the dream, Go for Gold and Be THE BEST!
Sports Marketing role for The Olympics
A DREAM role to be part of the future... building a sustainable, profitable and socially networked Marketing Plan The Olympic Games.
Do you want to leave your footprint on the greatest game on earth?
Are you a passionate marketer with Sports Industry, Through-the-line Marketing and Public Sector experience, who wants to make a difference on a GLOBAL STAGE?
Do you have the X-FACTOR?
Can you magic GOLD faster, stronger and prettier than an ALCHEMIST?
If so, this job is for you... and look no further... your future is set.

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