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Come ORN! Tracey tells IOC to take the Tube

The 'normal' IOC which says it 'needs efficient transport' has come under attack from Tory GLA member and Transport spokesman Richard Tracey. He told the insidethegames blog: "The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is concerned that traffic is the biggest problem facing London 2012, but this is because they expect thousands of their officials and camp followers to be whisked around in limousines."

He went resolutely off-message from his Tory superiors BoJo, HuRo and ThereVill and criticised the Olympic Road Network (ORN) saying "Plans have been drawn up to transport 80,000 athletes, officials, journalists and sponsors around London by road. In a city with such extensive public transport, this is an arguably unworkable plan. It is unreasonable to cordon off lanes on some of London's busiest roads and cause traffic chaos, when there are so many alternatives to travelling by limousine."

An ODA spokesperson insisted that key Olympic personnel like marketing partners had to get to the venues on time. "The ORN is essential to making the Games a success and ensuring that the transport system works at Games-time. It will ensure that not only athletes, but officials including referees and judges, marketing partners and 28,000 media get to the venues on time and have consistent journey times."

BoJo has gone very quiet on the subject after urging IOC members to use public transport back in January of this year. If you can believe it Rogge was apparently quite favourably disposed to the idea back then as well.

Ah, that was then! 'Efficient' Limos for 'normal' IOC people is now.

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