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Or maybe there's an extra swan in the CGI?

According to planningresource: ODA unveils plan for open spaces

The open spaces, which will include parks, a wetland area and playgrounds, will be next to 2,818 planned new homes and are in addition to landscaped areas within the Olympic Park.
ODA chair John Armitt said work had begun on the new spaces, and construction of the athletes’ village was on track. "With landscaping work under way we will start to see green open spaces take shape between new homes," he said.
The first stage of the project intends to create a 2.5ha wetlands area next to the village.

Beyond the fact that the cutesy-sounding Channelsea Village monicker - as appeared in the conceptual bubble diagrams of all the new 'communities' from the 2007 Planning Application - is long gone, I find myself scratching my head to work out exactly what's new in Arnitt's revelations. Or maybe there's an extra swan in the CGI?

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