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Expensive Olympics require expensive seats!

An Olympic source has said organisers are having 'fruitful discussions' about how much to charge for tickets with some in LOCOG and the government favouring £3,000 for the best seats at the opening ceremony and other key events. However, it seems some idiots have been making "public statements that the tickets would be affordable and that is causing some disquiet.”

LOCOG needs to square the circle of a shortfall in its present projected income from tickets, sponsorship and marketing when set against the £2.15billion operating budget. Of course, the government has guaranteed the budget and would have to step in if the Games did not break even. But then, it has already funded the infrastructure costs which do not even feature in the operating budget and a further demand for money would not go down well in a time of austerity.

LOCOG has been employing consultants who have advised that £1,000 for a seat at a high demand event is a tipping point for British public opinion. Quite why this figure is so critical is not explained although it is nicely rounded out with three zeros.

The same consultants have suggested organisers will be widely criticised if they charge too much. This is remarkably perceptive and obviously good value advice! I wonder how much they have been paying these wise counsellors.

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