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Budget masseuse Jowell back on Olympics board

Tessa Jowell's brief Olympics exile is over. She may be out of office but she's back on the Olympics board. The woman who persuaded Blair to go for the Games and fiddled the budget has been restored to the board by the Coalition. Why exactly the government would want to have the Shadow Olympics spokesperson on the board is unclear although it may reduce the chances of criticism coming from the Opposition when the cuts start to bite and some will praise it for keeping politics out of the Games. Of course, the Coe explanation is that it is in recognition of her 'enormous contribution' to the Games. That could also have been said of Ken Livingstone, but it is hard to see BoJo accepting his rival on the board, so the cruel truth is that Tessa is the acceptable apolitical face of Labour when it comes to the Games. They think she's past it.

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