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No party for the rich?

Deighton was powerful enough to have become the 458th richest person in the country when he applied for the Locog position. He could afford the massive pay-cut

In one of two largely puff pieces in today's Guardian we're treated to a profile of LOCOG Chief Exec Paul Deighton's bankster past with Goldman Sachs. So we have some idea of where he's coming from in the second which leads:

Organisers of the London Olympics have promised full stadiums for all events and "affordable" ticket prices for the vast majority – but concede that showpieces such as the men's 100m final will be limited to "people with privileged access"

According to the strapline Deighton says he wants the games to be the most democratic and diverse of all Olympiads but the commentariat seem to be mostly underwhelmed.

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