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South Africa's Olympic Dreams Moutawakeled

After the meal comes the burp! The most senior African member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Nawal El Moutawakel delivered the discordant verdict on South Africa's chances of hosting the Olympic Games saying "There is a huge amount of work to be done besides political desire, hence the experts' view that any realistic chance for [hosting the] Olympics in Africa is between 2030 and 2040".

Oh Jac*b!

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Where there's a Zil there's a way

July 29 [2010] - Special "Games Lanes" will be introduced on key roads to speed athletes and officials to the 2012 London Olympics, plans launched today have shown.

The lanes will be in addition to the Olympic Route Network (ORN) which will be roadwork free, cover 2.5 per cent of London's roads, will be used by 82,000 people and cost around £25 million.

insidethegames breaks the news with the detail still to follow.

He may have been a bit wrong on them being exclusively for bigwigs, but Ian Bone and friends might be enthused.

Back then, we wondered what the fines would be?

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2012 Game Makers – Disabled people need not apply

Amidst all of yesterday's 2-years-to-go hoohah, launched their new MacJobs volunteering scheme. Blogger IanVisits was carping about the accessibilty failures in their new style-over-substance webpages.

Later in the day 2012 Head of New Media Alex Balfour got involved in a spat with @wickedgeekie on Twitter about the shortcomings, he seemed to be in denial at first. No doubt 'remediation' improvements will follow.

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La lotta continua

So with 6 years to go for poor Rio, just 2 years being loudly trumpeted here, and the BBC carrying a story today of displacement plans affecting over 260,000 households we hear via our Newsgroup of - community reporting on Rio

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The 'right' kind of legacy is sobering to recall that one of the original planning conditions for the Olympic Park was that ground should not be broken until legacy uses had been agreed. Subsequent changes to the Games planning application mean that the condition no longer applies, but it shows how far the original vision of an Olympics development built to fit in with the legacy plan, rather than vice-versa, has slipped.

Part of a quote by Dave Hill from Regeneration & Renewal which flags up their Fair Games campaign again.

Meanwhile Inside Housing reveals a neo-liberal interpretation of social housing provision is being planned for the village, cherry-picking more suitable candidates from lower down the waiting lists: Olympic village looks to favour those in work. Perhaps this is another example of the sort of 'social apartheid' that concerned Boffy quizzed BoJo about at Mayor's Question Time recently?

And of course Baroness Ford, "would like to reassure everyone that there is nothing remotely dangerous or concerning about the remediation," in an interview with Paul Norman.

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Brand Beckham to the rescue?

First it was 'Beckham backs the bid', then 'Beckham to motivate the England Squad'. Now it may be 'Beckham returns to East End roots'. West Ham have been talking to 'his people' in an attempt to rope in the Leytonstone born celeb in its bid to get its hands on the 2012 Olympic Stadium. Still, the lad hasn't agreed yet. Maybe West Ham is a bit of a comedown for Brand Beckham after the various excitements of the World Cup.

Perhaps instead David could put his name recognition to good use and help his best mate (I'm sure they are!) Seb persuade the Scots, Northern Irish and Welsh to set aside their historic differences and form a united Great Britain football team with the English for 2012. The Olympics doesn't seem to working its magic of 'bringing people together' in this particular case, as the three footballing nations refuse to agree to field their players alongside the English for fear of losing their independent status as football associations. Even if they haven't yet achieved independence as nations they've got it on the football pitch and that's worth more than a poxy Olympic medal for Football Team GB.

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An aged metallic celebrity to fly at 2012 Olympics?

Back from the museum! Concorde could take to the skies to fly over the 2012 Olympics. It certainly shares some of the characteristics of the Games, it was well over budget and its development costs were never recovered. The 'iconic' plane, like the 'iconic' Olympics, attracted Vips, was of limited long term use and the money could have been better spent.

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Raising the bar

Nice work if you can get it. The 228 permanent staff at the ODA are enjoying an average wage of £67,000 plus an average bonus of £13,700 on top, plus expenses of course. See insidethegames for more, and the report in our Document Archive

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2012 British athletes to run in British designed German pants

Stella McCartney has been hired by sports apparel maker Adidas to design their outfits for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

Cyclist Victoria Pendleton was pretty taken with the prospect of a Brit designing a Brit kit for a Brit Olympics.

"With London hosting the Olympic Games, it is really important as the host nation to set the standards.

"To have a British designer inputting into the British kit is going to be very special."

British kit? Not quite Vicky! Two out of three, British Olympics, British designer, German kit.

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Summer’s not a good time for a snow job

The IOC’s Vancouver 2010 marketing report was quietly published on July 6 lifting the lid a little on VANOC's financial information blackout, as Bob Mackin reveals

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