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Roadside bombs at London 2012?

Gen. David Richards, soon to be head of Britain's armed forces, says the army may provide specialist teams, usually deployed in Afghanistan, to check for roadside bombs at the 2012 Olympics.

Other possible threats identified by John Patten, a former Conservative government minister, include improvised chemical bombs — known as ICDs — and cyber attacks to disable venue and transport ticketing systems.

As Bob Ayers, a former U.S. intelligence officer, put it: "If you rank the order of the countries that al-Qaida wants to do things to, it's the `Great Satan' (United States) first, and it's the Brits second. Here's this massive event coming up. You know exactly when it's going to occur ... If you're a terrorist planner, it doesn't get any better than this."

Liam Fox is discussing the role of the military in protecting the Olympics. This all sounds rather complicated. Rather than bringing the military to London why not take the Olympics to Afghanistan? They have a ready made secure zone at Camp Bastion with its own airfield to fly in the Olympic family and the place is thick with troops. Al Qaeda wouldn't have this 'massive event' to attack in London. Problem solved.

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Olympics 'an amazing two weeks' for brothel owners

Councillor Ann John, leader of Brent Council, has expressed fears of a dramatic rise in prostitution during London 2012.

She may not be wrong if Vancouver is anything to go by. Sexy Nina, a brothel owner said "The Games gave us the desire and willingness to connect, the energy to move," she told AOL News. "What an amazing two weeks!"

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Turbo-charged 2012 tat

LOCOG chief executive Paul Deighton says London 2012 has 'turbo-charged' 10,000 'quality' products with a 'London 2012 association'.

Others compared the offerings, covered with pink union jacks or 2012 logos, to tat from TIT (Trotters Independent Trading).

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Volunteering - how to see the Olympics for free

A union, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association has lifted the lid on volunteering for the 2012 Olympics. It is objecting because South-West Trains is preventing its staff volunteering by not accepting requests for leave over the next 18 months, leave which could be used to volunteer at the 2012 Olympics. By the time the company accepts leave applications the window for applying to be a volunteer will have closed.

However, the union has highlighted that volunteering at London 2012 does bring fringe benefits for sports fans.

The union's general secretary, Gerry Doherty, said he was consulting lawyers to see if the ban could be lifted by way of a legal challenge.

He said: "Volunteers will not only be part of the biggest sporting event in their lifetime but they will also probably save themselves more than £1,000 in ticket costs by having free access to the events they are involved in."

So that's 70,000 odd potential customers looking to save themselves something like £70million!

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On one dead IOC fascist

Clare Sambrook - co-author with Andrew Jennings of The Great Olympic Swindle - was kind enough to email us recently pointing to a post on her site (now listed in our Blogroll) linking to her article at open Democracy written following the death of Samaranch Senior -
Samaranch, Kissinger and the Coca Cola company: a relentless fascist’s curious date with democracy

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"Business as unusual"

Yes it was a quote. Matthew Beard draws attention to renowned classicist BoJo's having borrowed expressions previously enjoyed at Vancouver 2010 in defence of those Zil Lanes.

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Making noises on that coiltrumpet

On the Newsgroup Charlie points out it's last chance to object to the Planning Application (application ref 10/90250/FULODA ) for the 'Snorbit'

It defies Newhams' UDP, Government Planning Policy Statements and the London Plan in its failure to properly consider sustainability in its construction or to protect and enhance biodiversity.

It should be noted that the bleak expanse of tarmac in which the giant fortified steel structure will sit forms a significant part of the promised legacy Metropolitan Open Land, and not so long ago was a Grade 1 Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation.

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Time bomb in an athlete's mouth!

Ouch! Elite athletes get toothache like the rest of us. In fact they may have worse teeth than most. Dentist Tony Clough says: ‘A major, or key, problem is dehydration and rehydration. Athletes use sugary, acidic drinks for rapid rehydration and this obviously impacts on their oral health so we are offering fluoride mouthwash advice, too. I learned from Vancouver that you’ve got to look inside an athlete’s mouth and ask the question, is there anything in here that’s a time bomb?

Well, he's certainly got me there. That's one place I never thought of looking for a time bomb!

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The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book

Gord Hill, of notoriety, has his new comic book reviewed (2nd item down) in The Dominion

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World Cup delivers binge benefits

I take it back. There really are benefits from Mega Sports Events. "The World Cup has certainly been a benefit to Britain's beer sector and we can now hope that the market is starting to turn a corner," said the British Beer and Pub Association chief executive Brigid Simmonds.

Sadly, the benefits didn't extend to boosting the fortunes of community assets, otherwise known as pubs. It was strictly a take it home from the supermarket type of gain for home grown armchair sports participation.

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