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Free stays at the Dorchester - it's what they expect

BoJo has withdrawn the corrupt offer of a free stay for FIFA officials at the Dorchester during the 2012 Olympics. It's just taken for granted that this is the sort of thing bidders offer organisations like FIFA. Of course the IOC will get free stays at the Dorchester for its people. England has also cancelled a friendly match with Thailand which was apparently offered to encourage FIFA to accept its bid. So much for England's commitment to supporting football in countries where it needs development.

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Troll power. No thanks! :)

I do love the "on message" comments from people at London 2012, written under an assumed name.

If you lot want to avoid an over-reaction, I'd suggest you don't publish a bunch of scaremongering worst-case scenarios.

diamond geezer | Homepage | 26.11.10 - 5:28 pm

For some strange reason the long-predicted transport chaos that will ensue during London 2012 was all over the media last week. Diamond Geezer blogged about it and his post was picked up by Dave Hill and 853 Blog. DG returned to his comments with the above jibe at his ODA spin-merchants trolls.

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The stay at home games

Already barred from Olympic traffic lanes Londoners and commuters are now being advised not to use the Tube during the 2012 Games. Instead they should walk or cycle to work to enable Olympic visitors to move around more easily. If possible they should just stay home!

Given that the security threat will be at its highest during the Games maybe it's time to consider a comprehensive solution and just evacuate the whole city.

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West End rubs it in - East End doesn't have marathon finish

Money talks. The East End managed to scrape together £10million to brush up its High Street for the 2012 marathon. Now the West End shows what really pulls in the likes of SebCo and his corporate buddies at Locog with a £1billion scrub up. Meanwhile threats of East End legal action have fizzled out as Tower Hamlets finally accepts its position at the back of the field.

In all sports there have to be losers as well as winners.

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VANCOUVER - A lot of people around the world watched the 2010 Winter Olympics, but not as many as the official Games-time estimate.

The International Olympic Committee’s Vancouver 2010 marketing report shows actual viewership was just over half the oft-repeated 3.5 billion estimate from IOC marketing director Timo Lumme's Feb. 23 news conference.

Bob Mackin goes on to give some facts and figures debunking the spin

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A cornerstone of lies

Sports Minister Hugh Robbertson has called the £135million lottery funding to be spent under the the Places People Play strategy 'the cornerstone of a grassroots legacy from hosting the Olympic Games.' As others have pointed out this comes after the coalition took away £300million sports funding, cuts which will have a particular impact on children's sport.

Back in 2006 the previous government said spending money on the 2012 Games would provide 'a long-term legacy use for the public after 2012' even as it took £340million away from children's sport to spend on the elite event instead.

2012 Budget masseuse Tessa Jowell, responsible for that 2006 raid on children's sport funding, felt able to accuse the coalition's Mr Rubberstamp of breaking the legacy promise she had so faithfully kept. 'The legacy promise that we made in Singapore was to transform a generation of young people through sport. However they dress it up, the Olympic Legacy promise that we made to this country's young people is yet another promise that has been broken by the Coalition Government.'

The only thing about this 2010 fiasco that is Olympic is the constant and unremitting lying.

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Finally the lie that the Olympics will boost sports participation dies

The Government has finally given up on the idea that hosting an elite athletics event will stimulate sports participation. In September, the target of getting a million people playing some kind of sport three times a week looked certain to be missed. Of course, if the Government had listened they would have known this was never going to happen. So it looks like changing the clocks is the only policy left in the cupboard.

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Trees the ODA forgot

Bully Fen Wood: sign booard for Bully Fen Community Woodand

The ODA has been patting itself on the back for planting trees on the Greenway. No mention of the ones the community planted on the Eastway at Bully Fen Wood, which it cut down as part of its sustainable demolition programme!

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Light entertainment

Reading about the National Day of Mourning for the lower windows of Millbank Tower on triflingoffence I stumbled upon the previous post: What to think about...The Olympics

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US Navy wants to 'fly the flag' in the Thames for 2012

Britain is already planning on parking a missile destroyer in the Thames over the 2012 Games. Now the United States has offered to send reinforcements in the form of an aircraft carrier. The offer has been declined as it suggests we Brits can't manage on our own. Despite this the Americans still seem to be determined to put in an appearance. A Penatagon spokesman is reported as saying it's ‘very possible that there will be a U.S. naval presence’ at the London Games, even it was only to ‘fly the flag', whatever that may mean.

As the Americans don't seem convinced maybe the French could also chip in a couple of ships under the new Anglo-French warship share scheme. They could all fly their flags in the Thames!

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