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Stop the world! Athletes demand 'absolute confidence' in transport

London 2012 is claiming to be holding a consultation on its transport arrangements for the Olympics. Just to emphasise the vital importance of these arrangements, despite the enormous disruption this will cause, the webpage has Olympic athlete Karen Pickering saying 'Competing at a major event is stressful and nerve-racking enough for an athlete, we don’t want to have to think about transport and getting to our venues. Every little detail counts in an athlete’s preparations. When I was competing I knew exactly what time I needed to prepare, to get changed, to do my warm up, to get changed. Athletes need absolute confidence that the transport won’t let them down and impact on getting ready to perform at their best.'

The Government is urging people to stay at home, not to use the tube and to make deliveries in the middle of the night and generally causing traffic mayhem yet this athlete's only concern is 'not wanting to think about transport and getting to our venues'. As a swimmer she won't even be leaving the Olympic Park. However disagreeable this is and however vital or just everyday your transport needs are the rest of you can just lump it to ensure she has 'absolute confidence' the transport system won't have a negative impact on her performance!

Not a word of thanks or sympathy for all those travellers, who will be stressed out and nerve-racked by the transport restrictions, is uttered by the poor put upon competitor stressed out and nerve-racked by struggling with the worries of warming up, preparing and changing (twice).

I always knew sports people were some of the most self-centred idiots on the planet.

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That BOA sporting spirit

BOA made a £235,000 profit in 2010. So why plead financial problems when it refused to host the pre-Olympics ANOC event?

That's the Olympic spirit.

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Locog traffics in chaos

One hundred days of chaos and a taxi boycott to hit the streets of London! London 2012 follows up tourism catastrophe with transport disaster.

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Locog kidnaps 2012

Can you kidnap a year? Locog Ltd seems to think so. The mere mention of the year 2012 in an arts programme, Great Exhibition 2012, is attracting unwanted attention from the Lil' Cog org. Another to be threatened was children's writer Robert Ronsson, author of 'Olympic Mind Games'.

Mindless low cogs for sure.


2012 Tourism catastrophe gathers pace

The 2012 Olympics catastrophe threatening London's tourism industry is growing apace.

Mario Bodini of Uk Inbound and JAC Travel is warning: ‘Currently, for 2012, we are projecting increased bookings in places like Paris and Amsterdam and a decline in London.’

He says ‘The hotel industry needs to appreciate that excessively high prices during the Games will scare people off not just for the period of the Games but for the whole of the season.'

European Tour Operators Association's Tom Jenkins backs up these warnings. 'We have a downturn in demand running into an upsurge in pricing. This is a fearsome combination: hundreds of thousands of visitors dissuaded, just tens of thousands attracted.

‘Research carried out by ETOA forecasts a 50% decline in business for 2012 if current market conditions persist.

‘A market correction will surely take place, but it is already too late for those long-haul visitors who buy from tour operators, and who use London as a gateway for visits to the rest of the UK.’

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Network Rail unMcNultied for the Olympics

Remember that plan to McNulty Britain's trains? Some fares will go up and wages will be cut.

But miracles! If it's the Olympics then Network Rail can unMcNulty, lay on more trains, trains will be longer and they will run later. It will provide a dedicated website and call centre and suspend engineering work and Olympic spectators will get 'bargain basement' rail tickets which can be used flexibly if events overrun!

A Network Rail spokesman said: "In partnership with the operators we're laying on hundreds more trains much later than usual, into the early hours to get people home. We want them well used and full so there will be great ticket deals to be had."

So if Network Rail can unMcNulty for the Olympics why not for the rest of the time?

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BBC wrecks iconic legacy!

Can you credit it? Local MPs and Council leaders are accusing the BBC of undermining the Olympic organisers’ bid to revitalise East London and produce a lasting legacy by refusing to include the Olympic stadium on the Eastenders' map. Among the huffy MPs is Lyn Brown, who said: ‘The more people who know exactly where the stadium is, and how well it is connected to the rest of London, the better.’

She told Clays Lane residents she would come and visit when they were arguing with the LDA over their relocation. Maybe that is why she is so keen now on the Olympic site being included in the map. She could have done with some directions. She didn't make it. Of course, that didn't prevent her from telling her local Labour party members that she had.

Others who failed to visit after promising to do so were Coe and Wales, both of whom promised to turn up. Wales has written to the BBC Director General: ‘I trust that you will help ensure that the Olympic Stadium and other iconic symbols of regeneration are put firmly – and rightly – on the map.’

A while after promising to visit he called Clays Lane tenants who actually lived on the Olympic Park 'peasants'. Maybe that's what he thinks of other real Eastenders. How iconic!

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£60million to walk on water

Want to walk on water? BoJo is pledging £60million to make your dream come true in another batty Olympic project. The “London River Park” will provide a continuous 12m wide floating pontoon on a stretch of river running between Blackfriars Bridge and the Customs House.


Bang! Bang! No need to inform the public

Fun and games once again for the SAS and the Met. A live fire anti-terror drill was carried out at the Athletes' Village last weekend. According to the Standard 'Much of last weekend's action occurred inside the accommodation blocks, out of sight and sound, so that the public did not need to be informed.'

This is not the first such exercise. Of course, when they did this at Park Village next to the Clays Lane estate and Travellers' Site they also considered the public did not need to be informed even when it was out of sight but very much in sound.

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JAC Travel tells hoteliers to jack in Locog

BoJo's apology does not seem to have stemmed the revolt among London's hoteliers and travel operators. JAC Travel, the UK’s largest inbound tour operator, is now encouraging hoteliers to break with Locog.

JAC's Chief executive Mario Bodini, who is also a senior figure in the UK inbound tourism association, UKInbound, said: “We applaud the BHA (British Hospitality Association) for putting pressing questions to Locog. We would like its members to know that if they decide to withdraw rooms from Locog, JacTravel stands ready to contract with them on the usual terms and to sell their rooms at reasonable rates to genuine visitors from overseas.”

'Reasonable rates to genuine visitors'! Now that's Thomas Cooking LoCoe's corrupt gouged goose.

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