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The Closing Atos Ceremony - (flat subs) from morelikewater

· Monday 27th: We’ll hold a spoof Paralympic awards ceremony, hopefully with some very special guests…

· Tuesday 28th: Pay a visit to your local Atos office – and maybe even take your protest inside!

· Wednesday 29th: A coffin full of your messages about Atos will be delivered to its doorstep.

· Thursday 30th: Phone jam! Let’s flood Atos with calls, and generate a Twitter-storm they can’t ignore!

· Then on Friday 31st, join us in London where we’re teaming up with UK Uncut for the Grand Finale – an audacious, daring and disruptive action. Last time we shut down Oxford Circus, this time we will be performing miracles…!

more info at:

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Lame Duckweed clearance for tourist barges on Lee Navigation

 An elevator on the front of the weed cleaning blue boat attempts to remove Duckweed. An elevator on the front of the weed cleaning blue boat attempts to remove Duckweed.

Around half of the water in the River Lea downstream of the Deephams sewage treatment works near Tottenham is treated sewage effluent. A significant proportion of the remainder is untreated sewage overflows from overburdened Victorian sewage treatment works and old illegal domestic sewage pipes discharging directly into the river. Much domestic 'grey water' also contains nutrients water plants like Duckweed can feed on.

When the hot summer sun returns to energise their growth processes these weeds rapidly colonise the slow moving waters of the Lee Navigation (canal) and the newly impound Old River Lee around the Olympic Park. The Canal and River Trust (until recently called British Waterways) have special weed clearance boats of various capabilities to skim and otherwise remove these blooms which can stifle a wider range of fish, smaller creatures and other plants by shading the sunlight below the surface.

The boat in this picture (9 Aug) is one which removes well the much larger leaved plants like Pennywort but is not suitable for the tiny free floating Duckweed. But this plant is currently growing so fast that someone decided it would be better to be seen doing something even if it is about as effective as catching snowflakes to stop it settling.

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Olympic lane causes morning traffic jam

 A12 morning traffic jam A12 morning traffic jam

Photo taken from Leyton Road bridge over A12 East Cross route at 08.17 Friday 10 Aug 2012. The queue reaches as far forward as the Bow flyover. It is like this every morning during the Olympics.

BBC London Travel News 07.17 Aug 13 2012BBC London Travel News 07.17 Aug 13 2012

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Bream sighting in River Lea

 Bream from Ruckholt Road bridge in early July Bream from Ruckholt Road bridge in early July

I saw couple of hundred mature Common Bream, with significant numbers in their breeding colours of white spotting on top of their heads and backs, today at about 3pm just North of the Ruckholt Road Bridge. Just hanging in the flow under the bright sun. When I passed by about 7.30am this morning under a bright morning light from a clear sunlit sky I could not see any.

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Control to Police - journalist alert! journalist alert!

It's a daily occurrence at Draper's Field. Once again the police, this time two very pleasant officers from Glasgow, came to check out an Italian camera crew. We were on the pavement so entirely on public ground. It made no difference! So you can sit on a wall, be on the path inside the perimeter of Draper's Field or on the public pavement outside it, filming or just voice recording, but you will still be stopped. You can even have all the necessary accreditation but they will still come and ask what you are doing. The security guards don't get involved any more after multiple confrontations and being told it's none of their business. Their guy in the control room just calls the police.

Once again the idea seems to have got into these people's heads that it is our intention to climb into the facility! After pointing out that I had no implements of any kind on me one of the officers said 'So you're not planning to climb in then?' I pointed to the 5000 volt electric fence and suggested this might not be a very good idea. If I really wanted to do that would I be hanging around with a film crew for all to see in front of any number of CCTV cameras? As the cameraman pointed out later he could buy a small high definition camera which would provide better quality pictures than his sophisticated video camera and take pictures without anyone knowing he was doing it. Anyway he was happy, said he had some great footage of me arguing with the police about freedom of expression! The cops are back to Glasgow tomorrow.

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Police Press on for Security Olympics gold in Leyton

Yet again filming in Leyton was interrupted by two police officers, who told us they had been sent by a supervisor to tell us to move off the pathway on the private land that is Draper's Field, a path paid for by the residents of Waltham Forest and open to members of the public to walk up and down on. We were instructed to move onto the pavement which would have caused an obstruction, there was no obstruction where we were, and we ended up on the grass embankment which was of course part of the private Draper's Field. The police just gave up. The sheer stupidity of this operation resulted in footage of intrusive and objectionable security. The Dutch journalist took to filming the array of security cameras which festoon the electrified fence.

A similar but more bizarre encounter occurred when I was sitting on a wall by the same Draper's Field being interviewed by a Canadian journalist, Bob Mackin, who had experienced security at Vancouver 2010. I was wearing a Space Hijackers Official Protester tshirt being recorded, not filmed, by Mr Mackin when two police officers appeared and, pointing to my tshirt, asked 'Is this a protest?' Mr Mackin's tape recorder was clearly visible and we were entirely sedentary so this was certainly an unexpected line of questioning. I decided information provision was the best response and told them 'No, it's an interview.' They were not convinced and continued to question us about what we were up to. I further informed them that the protest was due to happen a little later on Saturday 28th at which they became quite excited and started to write down my details. Eventually they wandered off with information which was already widely available on the internet.

Mr Mackin told me he had never experienced this kind of intrusion at Vancouver 2010. A foot in the mouth gold for London.

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Boris does Flag Fan Dangle Thing

Perfect casting for being hoist by his own petard. It's not everybody has their own Petard. The rich fat bastards have all the fun. That's not raw talent you know. They have the breeding you see. And the fagging. That and centuries of de Feffling about on a wet Saturday indoors with the croquet mallets.

I bet there are Vietnamese 9 year olds even now churning out hundreds of little Boris Dangle Dollies in hideous sweat shops in the back streets of Nang Fleng. It'll become the unofficial Lympdics mascot before you can say closing ceremony. But they'll never get 'em through customs. The Boredom Agency will get a stop and search warrant on 'em. £5,000 pound fine for smuggling them in. You can't win. Just like in the Lympdics.

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Road closed! Rogge lost in London!

Heard Rogge was late for a meeting. His London2012 volunteer driver got lost because GPS system didn't include information about London Olympics road closures!

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Nuff said: hat tip The Space Hijackers. official Olympics Protestors and generally good eggs


empty seats and a ghost town

Olympics Fever at Newham livesite: photo: Simon ShawOlympics Fever at Newham Live: photo: Simon Shaw

The above photo has been doing the rounds already on twitter and was crossposted to the GamesMonitor newsgroup from the savecarpenters group. As Julian pointed out, that was on a dry sunny day. Albeit somewhat damper, a similar picture was revealed by #livesites researcher Dave McGillivray's footage from this morning on youtube, as pointed to by Kevin Blowe:

BTW this (from today) is where @NMPEastLondon Community Legal Observers are banned from What trouble could they cause?

(See also #emptyseats and #ghosttown)

Update: See also : Newham Council Bans Legal Observers From Stratford Park by Kevon Blowe

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